First off know this, to develop a growing list of Pinterest followers you’ll have to be patient and you’ll have to conduct very good follow up. If you can be patient and conduct good follow up growing a list of Pinterest followers will surely happen.

It does take some time to build a large list of followers – but it can also happen very quickly.  For example….

Did you know that Pinterest started out with only 200 followers in their first four months? But guess what? Six months later they reached 11 million unique visitors! Amazing.

You’ll need a business Pinterest account for today’s lesson.  If you don’t have one go to


Photo 1: Pinterest business page


Here are 6 key steps:

1) Promote your Pinterest profile by embedding a Pinterest button (Photo 2: see the green arrow)  on your website and blog. Make sure your social icons are above the fold. Users take an action immediately when an item is placed at the top of a page. Place your social media icons at the top of your website to make them visible to users and increase the number of people following your site.

2)  add a “Pin it” (Photo 2: see the red arrow) button directly onto your product descriptions. Adding a Pin It button will help you attract new visitors to your company website and product pages.

Photo 2: Pinterest buttons.

3) Add your Pinterest URL on your LinkedIn profile.

4) Add a free Pinterest tab on your Facebook page by going to  You have two options to choose from:

a) show all your pin boards


b) show pins from selected pin boards

5) Use a free tool like to add Pinterest to your email signature box.

6) Add your Pinterest URL on your business card, stationeries, newsletters and all your marketing print materials.

When you employ these 6 keys you will be well on your way to growing your list of Pinterest followers and in turn growing your sales.

What has been your experience using Pinterest to drive sales? Comment below. Good luck and keep on pinning!

 Thank you!

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