If you want to increase your chances of getting more followers you must follow other people.

It is considered good Pinterest etiquette that when someone follows you that you visit their profile page and follow at least one of their boards. It’s your way of saying thank you for following me!

Pinterest automatically emails the user when another pinner engages with them by the way of following, repins, likes and comments. Pinterest currently sends this to you as it happens or once a day.

Here’s an example:

Photo 1: Pinterest users who followed me.



1. When someone follows your board, follow at least one of their boards or follow their account.

Photo 2: Pinterest users that followed specific boards.

2. When someone repins or likes one of your images acknowledge them by thanking them for repinning.

Remember that you must follow one of their boards before you can tag them. What’s cool about this is that tagging them creates a live link which links to their profile page. They will receive an email from Pinterest showing that you followed their board (see Photo 2 above that Pinterest sent me of a some followers that followed by boards).

What’s the benefit here? This will increase your chances of the Pinterest user following all your boards which will result in a higher number of followers.

So you’re thinking…how do I tag someone? (refer to Photo 3 below, red arrow)

a. Choose the pin you want to comment on.

b. Go to the comment box.

c. Type the @ character and (without a space) the first letter of the person’s name that you want to tag in the comment box.

d. A drop-down list of friends whose names starts with that letter will appear.

Photo 3 new version: Tagging a pinner in the comment box.

Photo 4: Pinterest Daily Mail shows users that repinned my images.



  1. When someone comments on your pin comment or acknowledge them in some way. Some pinners will respond to your comments – refer to photo 5 below.

Photo 5: Pinterest Daily Mail shows user who responded to my comment.


As your community of followers grows you’ll naturally receive more emails.

Because the email frequency you receive is either immediately or once/day you may decide to open an account just for your Pinterest emails. This way you can go there once a week or whenever it’s convenient for you. To adjust your email settings go to “Settings” (refer to photo 6 below)

Photo 6: Location of “EMAIL SETTINGS”



Topics include how to:

1. Interact with other pinners when they follow you, repin, likes, and comments on your images.

2. Tag someone when using the comment section.

3. Use the emails Pinterest sends you.


I’d like to hear your feedback about Pinterest: May I please ask you:

  1. What has been your experience when you’ve engaged with other pinners?

  1. What are your recommendations and why?

  1. Thank you.  Have a nice day and good luck.

 Thank you!

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