The steps to creating boards for your business are no different than Tutorial #5 “How To Create Pinterest Boards”. As a business owner attracting as many followers as possible to your business is one of the main goals of Pinterest.

Here’s some tactics that will help you gain more followers:

1. Before you start promoting your Pinterest business page make sure you complete at least three boards with five pins on each board. Making a great impression is important and having empty boards may hurt your image. I suggest using the secret boards to avoid leaving your boards incomplete & unattractive.

2. In terms of content make sure you follow the 80/20 rule. This applies to most social media platforms and Pinterest is no exception. Be careful not to be too promotional. 80% of what you show in the images should reflect how your products or services help your target customer solve their problems or achieve their lifestyle goals and only 20% should be directly about your products and services themselves.

3. To begin with I recommend a few boards that cover a broad range of interests to increase your chances of being followed. If you’re unsure what kind of boards to create visit

Photo 1: Pinterest’s Popular Board Categories courtesy of Repinly

This site showcases the most popular board categories on Pinterest. Choose the most popular categories that you think would resonate with your target audience. Another place to consider is by search through the Pinterest page under the Popular tab. Funny and inspirational quotes are an obvious must haves.

4. Narrow your focus when giving titles to your boards so people will be able to see exactly what you have to offer. The more specific and unique you are with your boards the more likely you will stand out and be noticed. So instead of “Pretty Things” which is too  broad you would change that to “Vintage Vases” – it’s specific and obvious isn’t? Instead of “Golf” you would use “Golf Putters” or “Golf Bags”, instead of “Clothes” you would use “Summer Dresses”.

5. Please remember to complete your pinboard taglines with specific keywords to ramp up your SEO. This gives any visitor more information about what they can expect to find and gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality.

6. Organize your pinboards into themes or subjects to give the users a better experience. Look at your boards as a store. Your boards represent your products so merchandise them in such a way that they flow nicely giving the customer a better shopping experience so they don’t feel nauseated or overwhelmed.

Here’s an example of the HOW-TO’s that are neatly arranged.

7. A powerful tip to help increase website traffic is to use keywords that describe your business as the board name and in the description of the board. For example, “Home Furnishings Sofas”, “Makeup Mascara”, “Golf Clubs Irons”. It helps your visitors find what they are looking for quicker and increases your website SEO and traffic at the same time. Pinterest is a powerful business builder. I hope you learn to maximize its power soon.

8. Customize boards for specific clients. If you are a realtor, create a board with home listings for your current clients that suits their needs. If you’re a graphic artist create collaborative board where you and your client can pin inspiration. If you’re a wedding planner you can create several boards for inspiration such as decorations, flowers, cakes, outdoor tents, DIY, invitations, and so much more.

Wouldn’t this be a more enjoyable and effective method of communicating your thoughts and ideas? This would even save the drive to meet with your client! Now that’s a perk in itself.

9. If you’ve been blogging continue to amplify this by creating boards on a certain topic. The next step would be for you to promote this board on your blog. You’ll get extra traffic and gives you a chance to have pinners look at your archives.

10. Create contests such as “Pin It To Win It”.

11. Promote other vendors and bloggers in your field to start building relationships and strategic alliances with. If you’re a wedding photographer create boards that will help the bride and groom by showcasing other wedding vendors. Be known as your go-to source in your niche.

12.  Create a community board by inviting others to contribute to your board. This will build brand awareness and loyalty. Make sure to read “MAXIMIZE YOUR REACH WITH BOARD CONTRIBUTORS” (this is coming soon!)

13. People love businesses that are transparent. What a better way to do this by creating a “Behind the Scenes” of your company. This also gives you the opportunity to attract the right talent to your company. Some examples could be perks of being an employee, company outings, trade shows you recently attended, charities you support and so forth.

14. If you’re regularly providing workshops or webinars create a board with additional tips and resources for your attendees.

15. An indirect way of promoting your product is by creating a “TESTIMONIALS” board or “PRODUCT REVIEW” board. Invite your customers and encourage them to comment. Also tag them when they post to show your appreciation.

What has your experience with Pinterest been? What are your recommendations and why? Comment below.

 Thank you!



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