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Pinterest Expert Reveals Why Pinterest Should Matter To Your Business (Video Tutorial)

You will learn:

  1. What Pinterest is
  2. Pinterest lingo
  3. Why it should matter to you as a business owner or marketing manager
  4. How it compares to Facebook & Twitter

When was the last time you surfed the internet and found something you wanted to buy, or found a recipe and thought – hmmm this looks yummy I have to try this, or maybe you did some research for your next vacation and thought I have to save this resort idea? For many of us, we often save things by book marking the pages or putting them on our cork board or even on our fridge.

Well now instead of bookmarking all those sites or printing out all those pages you can now save the pictures you see from any website onto Pinterest.

Pinterest expert


What is Pinterest?

The founder of Pinterest Ben Silbermann combined the names “pin” as in pin board and “interest” to create PINTEREST.

Pinterest is a digital pin board.  And it is a website where any person can create a Pinterest page for free to begin to collect ideas of things they like and want to buy or try. Or a place any business can create a Pinterest page for free to put the products and services they wish to sell on display.

According to the founder Ben Silbermann Pinterest is trying to build a catalog of ideas for the entire world. It’s a great tool for discovering ideas and saving them for later. It also has an amazing search engine like Google built right inside.

Pinterest wants everyone in the world discovering and doing things in their life in a way that they don’t today. You can use Pinterest for all sorts of projects and ideas. According to Pinterest Co-founder Evan Sharp “It’s about saving ideas for the future”.

Pinterest executives’ have said flat out that Pinterest is not a social media network but more of a massive search engine where people discover ideas for the things they want to plan for, do or buy. Pinners are not on Pinterest to have conversation with their friends like they do on Facebook or share breaking news like they do on Twitter. People are on Pinterest with a “looking for new ideas” and buying mindset. Pinterest study shows that 72% of users strongly agrees that Pinterest is a place that introduces them to new brands and businesses.

Since March 2010 over 1 million businesses have added Pinterest to their marketing efforts. Users are pinning with intent which tells you what their interests, wants, and needs are on this virtual pin board. What that means for any marketer is that you have the opportunity to be part of the customer’s future. You don’t even have to try and guess how to capture an audience of Pinterest – it’s obvious.  As a Pinterest expert I can tell you that from a marketers perspective, this is great because Pinterest users tell you what they love on Pinterest.

Pinterest is also referred to as a social commerce website and according to Wall Street Journal projects 3 billion in revenue for 2018. It has attracted more than 10,000 advertisers pulling in 5x more ad revenue in 2015 compared to 2014. Pinterest serves has more than 100 million monthly users, with 55 million active monthly U.S. users, and 45% of its 100 million monthly users are international. Pinterest is expecting to have international users account for more than 50% of its overall audience within the first half of 2016. This

According to Comscore Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often, & on more items than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr. Pinners are on Pinterest with a buying mindset. For e-commerce businesses, that should be enough to make them do cartwheels!

Pinterest Lingo from a Pinterest Expert

Watch this video tutorial to learn some of the Pinterest language.

If you continue to ignore Pinterest then you’re not you are definitely losing out on website traffic & SALES, market intelligence, brand awareness, and you are allowing your competition get ahead of you.

Here are some recent stats you need to know:

  1. Pinterest is the 2nd largest driver of traffic from social media sites (next only to Facebook). That’s pretty impressive when Facebook is 6 yrs. older with over 1 billion users.
  1. Pinterest is not just for e-commerce sites. Over 14 million articles are being pinned on Pinterest every day. So if you’re a blogger or a publication you need to get your act together and leverage Pinterest fully and properly into your marketing mix. Pinterest is like this huge digital filing cabinet. Publishers like BuzzFeed claim that Pinterest is their 2nd source of social traffic.
  1. According to a recent study by Millward Brown 93% have used Pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% have purchased something because of Pinterest.
  1. The largest audience on Pinterest are the Millennial Moms. That’s important because they comprise the fastest-growing consumer segment in America and according to Accenture Millennial buyers are projected to spend an annual $1.4 trillion by 2020.

Pinners are on Pinterest with a buying mindset and their intent is about the future. For marketers and businesses, it’s heavenly because consumers are telling you what they love. It’s like a focus group.  

How does Pinterest compare to Facebook & Twitter?

Pinterest offers something Facebook and similar social media sites lack, a true look into consumers’ needs, provided by the consumers themselves. Pinterest users save images to boards that center on their future plans, interests and wish lists; effectively giving marketers a tailored list of things a specific person is in the market to buy.

People behave differently on Facebook & Twitter compared to Pinterest, on Facebook they go to find out what their friends are up to and Twitter is where you go to for real-time conversations.

On Pinterest, the natural behavior is a shopping mentality. You don’t have to force people to shop. Every year, Silicon Valley titan Mary Meeker puts together a detailed Internet trends report, providing an in-depth look at Internet growth and consumer behaviors across key marketing touchpoints. The 2016 report revealed that 55% of Pinners use the platform to find and shop for products compared Facebook at only 12%, Instagram at 12%, and Twitter at 9%.  What that means to you is that if you’re not on Pinterest selling your products you are missing out big time. 

On Pinterest the natural behaviour is a shopping mentatility. You don’t have to force people to shop. According to Mary Meeker's Internet Trends report 2016, 55% of Pinners use the platform to find and shop for products compared Facebook at only 12, Instagram at 12%, and Twitter at 9%.

What I also really like about Pinterest compared to other social media networks is how it produces easy to track reports and stats about how it is driving traffic to your website. In addition, Pinterest can also help you rank on the first page of Google under your most important keywords. What that means to business people and marketing pros is more traffic and better traffic because they are self-selected and free traffic to their website.

There is a lot to love about Pinterest if you are in business and want to increase sales!

Figure out how to leverage the power of Pinterest, from a Pinterest expert into your business and I can promise you that you’ll be glad you did.

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