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Pinterest Marketing Expert Introduces Facebook Group for Pinterest Managers

Welcome to the How To Become A Successful Pinterest Manager Facebook group! Finally! Pinterest marketing expert introduces a Facebook group dedicated to existing Pinterest Managers who are already managing Pinterest accounts for their clients and are looking to advance their skills and grow their Pinterest business. This Facebook group is also ideal for social media managers […] Read more…

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Pinterest Management Services: Eight Ways to Sell on Pinterest in 2019

For the last few months I’ve been searching for furniture and home decor ideas for my new home. Not as a Pinterest Management Services expert but as a everyday consumer. I couldn’t believe how many stores have completely abandoned their Pinterest account. For example, as I was saving images from Restoration Hardware about pieces that […] Read more…

Pinterest management services

Pinterest Management Services Expert Reveals Why Investing in Promoted Pins Is Not Optional

  Why You Need to Include Promoted Pins in Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy in 2019  If your business has been leveraging Pinterest marketing since it’s fruition you’ve most likely grown your traffic organically. But guess what? That is all about to change. As a Pinterest Management Services expert I can suspect that as Pinterest prepares […] Read more…

Pinterest management services

Pinterest Management Services Tips: How to Manage Client Expectations

“Remember you can’t get to second base unless you take your foot off first.”~ Anna Bennett  Before I begin managing a client’s Pinterest account as a Pinterest Management Services expert I do a few things. Here is an overview of my system: Website and Pinterest page review Telephone interview (qualifying questions) Managing expectations & the ROI […] Read more…

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