Case Study Social Media Marketing: Women Trust Pinterest More Than Facebook and Twitter

Pinterest may be a social media newcomer, but, apparently, it’s already beating Twitter and Facebook when it comes to trust among women in the U.S.

According to BlogHer’s annual study on women and social media, when asked whether they trusted different social media sources, 81% of women representing the general U.S. population said they trusted blogs & Pinterest, while 67% said they trusted Facebook & 73% said they trusted Twitter. (The questions were asked of those who indicated that they used each of the social media services.)

So, who is BlogHer? BlogHer is the largest community of women who blog.

Here’s a summary of the study:

1) Women trust the following social media marketing platforms

  • 81% trust Pinterest
  • 73% trust Twitter
  • 67% Facebook

2) Women made a purchase based on a recommendation from one of the various sources

  • 61% from a blog
  • 47% from Pinterest
  • 33% from Facebook
  • 31% from Twitter

3) Women use Facebook for fun and connecting with family and friends

  • 77% use Facebook purely for fun
  • 87% use Facebook it to stay updated on family

4) Facebook vs Blog

  • 17% use Facebook for purchase decision compared to 36% who turn to blogs
  • 24% use Facebook to get product recommendations compared to 41% who read blogs

5) Twitter vs Pinterest

When women were asked about the social media service most appropriate for making purchase decisions

  • 21% said Twitter
  • 18% Pinterest

6) For getting product information

  • 26% Pinterest
  • 18% Twitter

7) For finding out about new products

  • 39% Pinterest
  • 24% Twitter

8) For seeking advice and recommendations

  • 30% Pinterest
  • 29% Twitter

(Source: March 2012)

Which social media platform do you turn to for product recommendations? Comment below.

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