Get More Click Throughs With Pinterest Promoted Pins

If you want to reach more people, target a specific audience and make more money on Pinterest one of the best ways to do that is through Promoted Pins. The DIY Promoted Pins is an ad that you pay for on Pinterest. Don’t even try to figure out if this is worth your money because I already did all the research and calculations and it provides tremendous ROI.

Get More Click Throughs With Pinterest Promoted Pins

Pinterest has become a marketer’s gold mine. Why? Because people are pinning stuff they love, want and need. No need to create focus groups. Pinners are literally telling you what they want to buy. According to a recent study by Millward Brown they claim that 87% of Pinterest users have purchased something because of Pinterest! Imagine that!

Get More Click Throughs With Pinterest Promoted Pins

Another reason to love Pinterest is brands and businesses are gathering market intelligence that is helping them with product development and merchandising. Companies like Nordstrom and Target have put ‘Top Pinned on Pinterest’ tags on retail displays to increase consumer confidence that these products are popular and universally liked.

Get More Click Throughs With Pinterest Promoted Pins

On May 2014 Pinterest began making some money by selling ads called Promoted Pins. At that time it was only available to a handful of blue chip companies and they were being asked to invest millions. Today they are being offered to businesses big and small in the U.S. You can control your budget and the amount you spend per day, week or month exactly. Pinterest uses a second-price auction model. What that means is you’ll only be charged what you would have needed to pay to beat the next bidder in the auction.

TAKE NOTE: When you promote a pin it will appear in Pinterest’s search results, category feeds, and Pinner’s home feeds. Here’s the great part in terms of value for the investment. The pin will also appear on one of your boards and when a Pinner clicks directly from one of your boards you won’t be charged! Yeehaa!

They have very strict guidelines which does not surprise me because they want these ads to be relevant & a great experience for everyone. If you abide by them you can get Get More Click Throughs With Pinterest Promoted Pins.

What I love about it from a user’s perspective is that it’s subtle. The “ads” look just like all the other pins… however if you look closely you will see them labelled as “Promoted Pins”. If users dislike the ads they have the ability to hide the ads that appear in their home feed. Users can filter out the ads after they appear by clicking an “X” in the lower-right corner of the pin. When you choose to hide the pin you can give feedback on why you want it removed.

Get More Click Throughs With Pinterest Promoted Pins

Another reason to love the Promoted Pins is that they last forever on Pinterest. Unlike Facebook when you boost your posts you’ll only see them until you’ve stopped paying for it. The same goes for Google ad words.

So far Bradford revealed some impressive data gathered from the Promoted Pins beta launch:

1) On average advertisers get about a 30% bump in earned media for their campaigns. What that means is for every $1,000 in advertising dollars the brands received $300 more worth of free impressions.

2) Like other Pinterest content, promoted pins also have a long tail, Bradford. Promoted Pins got a 5% increase in earned media a month after a campaign ended.

3) Brands both in and out of Pinterest’s core categories found success. From financial services to food to automotive, brands from a wide array of industries saw results, according to Pinterest’s research.

Promoting on Pinterest case study:

Adore Me was looking for new ways to engage with millennial women, which is why they joined Pinterest.

With the help of 4C and the Pinterest Ads API, Adore Me increased their Pinterest revenue by 4000%. And that’s not all: data shows Adore Me is reaching entirely brand new customers they haven’t reached through other paid channels. Customers acquired through Pinterest also spend 20% more over time compared to customers coming from other channels.

“With 4C we’ve been able to launch multiple campaigns at once, quickly and easily. Since we’re constantly testing new creatives with different keyword and targeting variations, this is a small but crucial detail that helps us run our Pinterest ads more efficiently,” Parada said.

Since using Promoted Pins, Adore Me’s also seen:

  • A 3700% increase in purchases coming from Pinterest
  • A 6000% increase in email signups coming from Pinterest
  • A 2600% increase in traffic coming from Pinterest
  • A 50% higher click-to-purchase rate on Promoted Pins compared to other channels, especially on mobile

Plus the power of the Promoted Pins just got stronger, in 4 ways:

1)On Jan. 21 2015 Pinterest announced that they have acquired a company called Kosei.  

Kosei helps personalize product recommendations based on likes and wants. What that means to businesses who buy Promoted Pins is that their ads will now be shown to more of the right people to help them get an even bigger ROI.  And that is Pinterest’s stated goal. They will also be bringing on more types of ads in the near future for all sizes of businesses.

2) Related terms

You’ll see a change in the way related terms are offered to you on the Pinterest ads manager. Pinterest will now suggest other related words for you to use to target a wider audience in order to drive more traffic sooner. For example, if you select golf clubs as a term Pinterest might suggest you consider also placing your ads under drivers and irons or golf vacations. You decide to use or not use these related terms.

3) Expanded Inventory

This is a program that Pinterest is now using to show your Promoted Pins to a wider audience to help you get more traffic sooner. Bottom line Pinterest is now going to take the initiative to show your ad to more of the right people on their own.  The goal of course is to give you the most qualified traffic as quickly as possible.

4) Website conversion tracking

With conversion tracking, you can understand how your Promoted Pins are performing and get a clear idea of what they’re doing for your business. A conversion is when someone does something on your website, like sign up for your newsletter or buys a product. Track your Promoted Pins to see how they’re affecting conversions with a “conversion tag,” a simple bit of code that you add to your web pages.

You can track conversions that result from 3 types of activity on Pinterest:

  1. Clicks: When someone on Pinterest clicks your Pin and keeps going to your site (leaving Pinterest)
  2. Engagements: When someone repins your Pin or clicks to see it close-up (staying on Pinterest)
  3. Views: When somebody sees your Pin on Pinterest

To ensure advertisers see an even greater return from Promoted Pins Pinterest is rolling out a new program called Pinstitute for businesses. The Pinstitute will focus on two tracks: creative and measurement. Advertisers will learn what pins perform well, how to connect with Pinners and what Pinners care about.


Once your Pinterest business page has been verified here’s how to get started with Promoted Pins to help you generate more sales. Here are some tips according to a webinar from Pinterest I recently attended :

1) Apply for the Promoted Pins.

2) Image is critical! (No video or GIF)

In order for you pin to be successful they should be in the spirit of helpfulness. Offer tips, advice or instructions.

  • Create vertical pins with a preferred image aspect ratio of 2:3 to 1:3.5 and a minimum width of 600 pixels and 900 pixels to 2100 pixels tall. Pins get cut off in feeds if the ratio is greater than 1:3.5 so make sure it’s not too tall.
  • Go to your “Analytics” and promote your pins that received the highest clicks and repins.
  • Add additional info to your pins such as text overlays. Do not add promotional material.
  • Include a logo but make sure it’s not distracting. Logo’s helps with brand recognition and drives engagement.
  • Add the source link for that pin
  • Do not add promotional information like “50% off” or “Buy 1 Get 1 Free”, “buy now” or “click here”
  • Do not include hashtags
  • Examples of images that do well are tiled, step-by-step, text-overlays, multi-product shots and lifestyle shots.

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Get More Click Throughs With Pinterest Promoted Pins

3) Review and adhere to Pinterest Ad Policy

4) Pin descriptions can absolutely help you Get More Click Throughs With Pinterest Promoted Pins.

  • Longer pin descriptions get more engagement and click throughs
  • Add instructions if applicable
  • What benefit or value will the Pinner receive?
  • How will your pin help the Pinner?
  • How will it make the Pinner feel?
  • Include promotional offers if applicable, but always include the start / end date (and year)
  • Do not include hashtags
  • Include a call to action and promotion in the description. Examples would be:
    • See the full collection at
    • Shop this look at
    • Up to 50% off
    • Free shipping

80% of Pinterest users use their mobile device so here’s how the pin descriptions show up:

  • On the iPhone grid, it shows up to 4 lines which is around 100 characters
  • On the iPad it shows up to 10 lines which is around 250 characters
  • On the Android they truncate to either 3 or 4 lines also so this is at about 100 characters

The average is entirely due to the size of the letters etc. To keep it conservative, you can use 75 characters to show up on iPhone and Android.

Are your pin descriptions mobile friendly?

5) Additional tips when creating your campaigns

  • Make sure you have at least 30 relevant keywords for each Promoted Pins so you get found in front of the right audience.
  • Promote at least 20 pins with a minimum of 500 keywords to see what is resonating with your audience. 1,000 keywords are recommended.
  • Use the Guided Search Tool to search for your product and add all the keywords that show up. Repeat this for relevant terms.
  • Create campaigns by separating the devices to make reporting easier
  • Increase your bid to win more auctions against others who are targeting the same terms. Higher bids can drive lower CPCs (cost per click) if your high bids, combined with strong CTR (click through rates), give you top position

6) Pinterest has a great help center specifically designed to answers your questions and to chat with you live any time between 10am – 4pm PST, Monday to Friday.

Pinterest will also email you weekly stats to show you how your Promoted Pins are doing. I also look at what keywords are getting the most click throughs and repins to ensure I include those in my pin descriptions consistently and yes, of course it must be relevant to the actual image.

As a Pinterest marketing expert I can say that there’s not a lot of competition right now for Promoted Pins and I believe this is the most cost effective way to reach your target audience. This to me makes more sense that spending your dollars on Pinterest contests. After all the Promoted Pins are in the hands of Pinterest and they know how to reach your target audience on your behalf. Based on my experience clicks can cost as low as seven cents!

If this is overwhelming for you and you feel like you are going around and around with Pinterest and not getting anywhere contact me about my Pinterest management services or to learn more about how to become a Pinterest Account Manager.

Get More Click Throughs With Pinterest Promoted Pins


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