How to Use Pinterest for Business


How to Use Pinterest for Business & Blogging: Avoid Making The Big Pinterest Mistake #2

This blog post will reveal how to use Pinterest for business and the second biggest mistake businesses make on Pinterest.

Big Pinterest Mistake #2: You don’t understand the importance of adding pin descriptions

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear is why do we have to add pin descriptions?

Let’s back up for a second…if you really want to understand how to use Pinterest for business realize the goal.

The goal on Pinterest is to drive more traffic to your website right?
Without traffic, there are no sales transactions.

One of the ways to get more traffic to your website is to make sure people are finding your pins when they search under “All Pins” as shown below.

How to Use Pinterest for Business


For example, if you sell engagement rings one of your keyword phrases might be “diamond rings engagement”. If you did a Pinterest search using those keywords to check if you came up or not and didn’t see your products as you scrolled down the page then you’d better do something about it ASAP. Right? Your main keyword is “diamond rings engagement” and you are not found??? Not good for your business.

If you don’t fix that your competitor’s products will continue to stay on the top of the search engine. They will get traffic, some of which could be/should be yours.

What you want to do is knock them out of the top of the search engine results to make sure you get seen first. This is why you need pin descriptions. Now you know how to use Pinterest for business.

How do you get your pins to show up on the top of the search engine?

As a Pinterest expert it is all detailed in my Pinterest Marketing for Business online course. I include an easy to follow 13 step checklist on how to craft pin descriptions. I’ll share some but not all of them in this blog post. ☺

How to Use Pinterest for Business: Avoid Making the Big Mistakes on Pinterest (Tip #2)

Here are 5 things you need to include in your pin descriptions:

1. Use the Guided Search Tool to look for additional keywords that relate to your products and/or services. If you find some add them to your descriptions.
2. Don’t use hashtags. People on Pinterest don’t use hashtags to find your stuff. Leave that for Twitter and Instagram. Hashtags serve zero purpose on Pinterest.
3. Don’t use the same pin descriptions (see where the red arrow is pointing below) as your Product Rich Pin. Instead, use this space to add additional keywords to help you get found.


How to Use Pinterest for Business


  1. Over 80% of Pinterest users use their mobile device so you want to make sure that your most vital information (most important keywords) are in your first 50 characters.
  2. Practice answering the question “What’s in it for me”? Why should people care about what you’re selling or offering?


How to Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest Expert Actionable Tip:

Get out your to-do list and make a commitment to get serious about pin descriptions and do them correctly. Jot down the date to fix your mistakes.

In summary, if you want to know how to use Pinterest for business great pin descriptions are part of the answer because they are one of the deciding factors on whether or not a visitor will click through your image. Push yourself to create more memorable, Pinterest-friendly pin descriptions that your audience will love. As they click through more of your images, you get more traffic to your site/business. Yeepee!

YOU WANT…less stress, to save time, and get more done on Pinterest? Then do this.

If you’re not sure you’re doing it right on Pinterest then get help from a recognized expert who knows what they’re doing. If you want to get a serious ROI then you need to make an investment.

I highly recommend you take a course that is up to date because Pinterest makes changes all the time. What worked yesterday may not work today. There are rules you need to keep up to date with and features you want to make sure you are using to give you the maximum results that your business deserves.

How to Use Pinterest for Business

My Pinterest course uses a sequential design.

What that means is lessons are presented in a step by step formula to teach you how to manage your Pinterest business account effectively beginning with the basics and as you progress through the course you learn more of the advanced techniques.

Those advanced techniques are built upon the foundation laid from successfully completing the basics which are taught first in my course. That is what I mean by the lessons are sequential.

To learn more about how to use Pinterest for business and how you can be more effective on Pinterest check out my Pinterest Marketing Course for Businesses here. Chapter one is FREE.

How to Use Pinterest for Business



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