Complete Guide to Pinterest Business Profile Page & Image Size Chart

1) Profile Picture

  • Use 160×160 pixels.
  • Use company logo for brand awareness (consistency).

2) Profile Name

  • For your name to show up visibly you may use up to 37 characters.
  • Just a reminder that the tactic for your “username” is different from your  “profile name”. You have 15 characters to work with for your username which is basically your Pinterest URL.

3) About Description

  • Take advantage of this space which you have up to 160 characters.
  • Describe what makes your company special & why they should follow you.
  • Use keywords in each sentence to increase your Pinterest SEO.

4) About Description Box

  • Add your website URL to make it easy for people to go to your website.
  • Verify your website so you can take advantage of the Pinterest Analytics.

5) Link your Twitter account

  • Link your Facebook Profile Page (This will go to your Facebook profile page – that means your personal page and NOT your Facebook Page which is for business. If you are a large company I would not recommend you use this feature. It only makes sense if it’s for a personal brand name or if you’re a small business owner).

6) Board Title Name

  • Up to 28 characters will visibly show the title.
  • Use keywords that your audience will resonate with; make it obvious. For example if you’re a beauty store and you specialize in lip glosses you can create boards to separate the different lip gloss categories “Lip Plumping Gloss”, “Lip Shiner Gloss” “Best Seller Lip Gloss” and so forth.

7) Board Cover Image

  • 217 pixels x 217 pixels.
  • Select your most popular pin and make sure it is color coordinated with the ascending boards.
  • Change your cover image when the season changes.
  • Feature your most important boards on the first two rows of your Pinterest page. This tells the viewers immediately what you’re about.
  • Complete your boards with at least five images to make your Pinterest page visually appealing.

8) Board Description

  • You have up to 500 characters to use several keywords throughout to increase your Pinterest SEO.
  • According to social media scientist Dan Zarrella description with about 200 characters gets the most repins.

Additional Info:

  • When you click on a pin it will expand to 735 pixels wide and the height will be adjusted depending on the size of the image.
  • Pins in feed is 238 pixels x adjusted height depending on the height of the image.
  • Images on website needs to be a minimum of 80 x 80 pixels to be pinnable.

 Thank you!

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