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Creating this list took a little longer than I thought. Just when I’m about to post this blog one has gone, another one reappeared and some simply just change their name from this to that…oh my my!

Some of the older apps reinvent themselves while new ones pop up all over the place. Now Pinterest itself has announced that they offer their own on-site analytics system. However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at and be aware of other analytic focused apps that could be helpful, even necessary.

An analytical tool is something used to analyze or “take a closer look at” something. It is normally a way to review the effectiveness of something.

Which Tool Should You Use?

The choice of which websites / tools to use depends on what types of services or insights you need.

If you want to understand how and who typically shares your content, rely on Pinterest Web Analytics. If you’ve read my previous blog posts I strongly recommended that you look at your Pinterest daily emails. Pinterest provides names of those who liked, commented & repinned your images and pinners who followed you.

It’s also worth noting that many people expect Pinterest to continue to expand their tool, possibly adding details like demographics, board analysis, or mobile usage.

Measure your success on Pinterest. Make an effort to gain insights & observe trends about how your target market feels about your products and content. You’ll be glad you did.  If it all seems like too much work and hassle contact me.  I’ll manage your Pinterest page for you, possible better than you can, freeing you up to go add value to your business in other ways.

Pinterest Analytics


1) Pinterest Web Analytics


Pinterest Web Analytics helps businesses and website owners understand how pinners are engaging with their content.

2) Google Analytics


Google Analytics (GA) is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales

3) Curalate


This image-recognition tool can track when someone pins (and repins) your product, on the basis of the picture itself. That can be invaluable for tracking sales, because often a pin may use the picture with a new (and potentially untraceable) description. Curalate can then track the entire repinning process back to an actual sale, so you can analyze the effectiveness of your pins.

4) WP Pinner


The Ultimate Pinterest dashboard inside your own WordPress admin area. WP Pinner is a WordPress plugin to manage your Pinterest account. With this plugin you can easily auto-pin WordPress posts, schedule your pins throughout the day, auto-follow users to get noted and keep track of your account (CTR, clicks, likes, repins, reach, etc). This will definitely help you to get more out of your Pinterest efforts! You know what’s best? It’s 100% free and it’s running from your own WordPress admin which means less work and full control. They are still beta testing their plugin, which means not everyone has access to to it yet.

5) Pinpuff

Where you can calculate your Pinfluence, a measure of your popularity on Pinterest and it also provides the value of your every pin. To get started with your analytics on Pinpuff, go to the website and fill in your email and your Pinterest username, then click on the button ‘Calculate your Pinfluence’.

6) Pinreach

Pinreach has one main goal: to show companies the correlation between what people are pinning and what they are buying. We build tools to help you understand activity, measure impact, gauge success.

PinReach, LLC (Formerly PinClout) is a fresh new startup created by Chris Fay (Chris Fay Consulting, LLC) and Daniel Schimpfoessl (PureField, LLC), focusing on bringing insight and analytics to Pinterest.

7) Repinly (changed their name to http://postris.com)

Repinly helps you find the most popular pins, boards, and pinners on Pinterest. In addition to your own Pinterest score and analytics, you should be taking a look at what works for others. With Repinly, research the habits and trending content around top pinners and discover the type of content that’s trending right now. Who knows? This week could be bikinis, but next week could be mittens.

8) Piqora


Previously Pinfluencer. Piqora offers a suite of Pinterest marketing and analytics products that help brands engage, grow, and measure their audience on Pinterest.

  • Promotions – Easily configure, launch, administer and analyze a range of Promotion types.
  • Analytics – Gain deep insights into almost every aspect of Pinterest for you and your competitors brands.
  • Content Management – Manage your time and content more effectively, and with better results.
  • Audience – Data Identify and connect with your most important audiences with Pinner360™.

9) Pingraphy


If you don’t have time to pin throughout the day, use this tool to bulk upload and schedule your content, then use their proprietary metrics to track your success.

Basic $12/month Premium $28/month

10) PinLeague


14 day free trial. Offers: pinterest analytics, identify your most popular content, see who’s pinning about you, find your most influential followers, track your growth over time, measure your ROI, keep tabs on the competition, audience engine, pinterest powered email campaigns, and account management.

11) Pinalyzer

Pinalyzer is designed to increase your Pinterest experience, suggesting pins and people to follow. We developed proprietary algos based on your social graph and on your taste. Pinalyzer can also analyze your activity and rate your influence on pinterest. Free!

12) Reachli

Spread your visual campaigns across the leading social networks. The simplest way to market your visual content across the web.

13) Pinster

Pinster is our powerful publishing and analytics platform which will supercharge your Pinterest marketing, giving your audience an enhanced new experience, and brands the ROI you have been looking for.

Pinster is a Socialrithmic production, created by former Microsoft Bing engineering mavericks, backed by Europe’s first £1m accelerator, ignite100, and a select group of Venture Capital dons in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

14) TripleLift

TripleLift’s visual analytics provides data on how your images are spread across the web and how consumers are engaging with your visual content across the web and within social networks. As consumer’s engage with your content across the web, TripleLift provides unique insights on what your target audience finds compelling. It’s like a visual focus group

15) Pingage

As of June 10 Pingage has changed it’s name to Ahalogy

45day free trial.Use Pingage to create and load several pins at once, and we’ll send them out. Take the nights & weekends off for a change. Your pins are placed by our machine-learning algorithm that examines over a dozen factors about how your audience uses Pinterest. We greet Pinterest traffic with a friendly Engagement Box to remind people where they are and encourage them to Follow, Click and Buy. We generate custom analytics reports on your Pinterest key performance indicators. But you won’t need them.

Pinterest Apps 

1) Pinstamatic

Create Pinterest boards in a few minutes without editing tools

With Pinstamatic you can share so much more on Pinterest. It’s time to say goodbye to photosharing and say hello to your visual social network.

  • Put quotations on your boards to grab the interest and attention of other Pinterest users.

  • Share your favourite music and let your friends play songs directly from your board.

  • Add a clickable map of your company’s location to your corporate board.

  • Add a note, a quote or website to your boards.

2) SpinPicks


SpinPicks is a new application that brings you highly addictive one-click discovery of eye candy from a variety of visual platforms. SpinPicks filters content and doesn’t pull spins from sites like Google.com, Bing.com, and other image search sites to help reduce the number of improperly attributed images, which helps ensure you’re only seeing quality content that can be re-shared.

3) Scrapbook for Pinterest


Scrapbook for Pinterest (formerly Pinspiration) is the best way to browse and post to Pinterest on your Windows phone. Think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard — a place to catalog and share the things you love. You don’t need an account to browse, search, share and get Live Tile updates from the fastest growing photo sharing community online. If you have an account, sign-in and share, pin, comment and repin the amazing photos on Pinterest right from your Windows Phone.

4) Pinterest Right Click

Create and upload pins to Pinterest by right-clicking.

5) Snapito


Just enter a website address into the box above and click on the Snap! button to take a screenshot. To pin a website on Pinterest just use the dropdown on the right of the Snap! button and select either ‘Pin to Pinterest’ or ‘Pin Full Page’.

6) Pin Search


Perform a Google Image Search on any picture on Pinterest. Google search using any picture on Pinterest.
This extension levages the power of Google Search by Image to give you a wealth of information about any picture you find on Pinterest. Find similar pictures. Find all the websites where the picture appears. Find out about the designer, author, chef, photographer who created the picture. The Google search results may surprise you. Get ready for a whole new level of discovery. This extensive adds a ‘Search’ button that only appears when you hover over a picture.

7) Share As Image


Formerly Pin A Quote. Share As Image lets you highlight text anywhere on the web and easily convert it into an image. With the PRO version you can choose fonts, colors and text size! Once you’ve created your quote image, you can share it on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter! Try out the free version to see the kind of things you can do with Share As Image or buy the PRO version below. Pro version $6.99

8) ShotPin

Similar to ShareAsImage, ShotPin is a Google Chrome browser extension that shows up as a pin next to the URL field. For any site you visit, you can click the pin and create a screen shot of the site and share the pin. You can drag around objects on a site to make a smaller pin. So, if you’re generating interest in your pinboard and find a useful site, you can pin that site in a few quick clicks.

9) Octopin


This service boasts that it is the most advanced Pinterest marketing tool on the web. The metrics feature is only secondary to their other campaign management systems, but it is all aimed at increasing both visibility and user engagement. They do offer consulting for brands.


1) http://woobox.com/pinterest

Show your Pinterest boards and pins as a tab on your Facebook page.


1) Shopt Interest


Start making money by joining the ShopInterest seller network.

  • Pick the items you want to sell via your affiliate or site

  • Pin, Blog, Tweet, Share – Tools ready to go

  • Generate revenue by spreading our sales items

  • Quick setup, easy payment, low hassles

Have you tried any of these Pinterest analytic tools? Which ones would you recommend and why? Comment below.

 Thank you. 

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