Pinterest Consultant asks: How to Know You Are Doing It Right On Pinterest?
Get A Free Pinterest Marketing Audit.

Pinterest consultant

Pinterest consultant asks: how to Know You Are Doing It Right On Pinterest? Get A Free Pinterest Marketing For Business Audit.

It’s Christmas week and even though all my Zumba classes are on hold until the New Year that doesn’t excuse me from keeping up with my fitness goals. While I was on the elliptical trainer I was watching the news on TV and the reporter was giving tips on how to make sure your Christmas gifts get delivered on time.

If you want those gifts to be under the tree you had to deliver them by December 22nd. But the price of getting them there on time will cost you big time! For a parcel that is about five pounds expect to pay about $63. So the first thing that comes to mind is…forget about that $63 and let’s go online and send an e-card instead.

No hassle, no shipping fees, and the recipients still receive their gift on time. The small downside is the person receiving the gift won’t have the same excitement when opening a box wrapped in Christmas paper.

The lesson here is that if you made the effort to plan better and were more organized with your Christmas gifts you’d be saving money by dodging those ridiculous shipping fees. Plus the recipient would have received their gift on time.  

So as a Pinterest consultant let me ask you.

1. What are your exact plans for improving your results with Pinterest in 2017? Having no plan means planning to fail. You’ll have more success and less stress if you have a defined plan with some goals.


Pinterest consultant


a. Check your Pinterest analytics to determine which images received the highest number of repins and clicks. (Set a goal to add more of the type of images that worked best)

b. How can you improve your images? (Make a list of 5 ways you can improve images. That would be a good plan for 2017)

c. If your boards and pins are not ranking high in the Pinterest search engine then figure out how you can improve your SEO? (Pinterest consultant tip:Maybe your goal needs to be to figure out and master Pinterest SEO this year)

2. What’s your plan to out-compete your competition?

3. What’s your plan to get more traffic to your website?

4. Or maybe you don’t get Pinterest at all and you’re still scratching your head wondering if it’s right for your business. If that’s the case start here. Ask a Pinterest consultant.

How To Develop A Winning Pinterest Strategy Download Pinterest Strategy Free Template


Pinterest consultant


As a Pinterest consultant here’s a pattern I see all the time. You’re going to do more of the stuff you did on Pinterest in 2016 and hope for better results in 2017.  Your logic is more = better.


How do you even know you’re doing anything correctly on Pinterest?  There are lots of rules, lots of moving parts, its part science, part business, and part art (yes…you will need lots of your own images).  

If you’re not doing it right and you do more of the same thing what do you think the outcome will be? It’s obvious…you’re going to get more of the same thing. Crappy results and time wasted.

Another disturbing pattern I see is this; people reading every blog they can thinking they’ll gather the knowledge and save money.  IE they won’t have to pay for a course.

Again for the vast majority of businesses I work with as a Pinterest consultant and coach, it has always been a mistake to try and go cheap when it comes to knowledge. The last lady I coached said she found me two years ago but thought she could do it on her own. By the end of our first coaching
session, she realized she’s made so many mistakes that it’s going to cost her more to now go back and fix them. Fixing mistakes costs time. Time = money.


Pinterest consultant


Following blog advice is very often a waste of time because so many blogs out there are outdated. Many are written by amateurs (sorry…just telling it like it is) with absolutely no experience or evidence that they are experts at Pinterest marketing.

Let me state loud and clear as a full time Pinterest consultant: Pinterest marketing for business is very very different than using Pinterest personally.

This means, if you know how to use Pinterest personally you are not necessarily qualified to manage a business account.  Just sayin’.

In 2016 my team and I took the time to find out what businesses most pressing problems were when it comes to using Pinterest for their business. People wanted to know more about:

  1. How to use Promoted Pins, from the basics to how to target an audience, tracking, etc.
  2. What boards to create, how to clean up boards, what boards help sell, how to invite people to their group boards, etc.
  3. What pins to create and how to brand images, etc.
  4. How to use Pinterest…yes, that basic.
  5. How much content to create.
  6. How to create attractive pins & which are better…videos or images?
  7. What content gets engagement?
  8. How often to pin and scheduling pins.
  9. Where to find free images.
  10. How to keep up with Pinterest’s changes and more!

As we gathered all the info from multiple surveys and reviewed the responses I shook my head and the first two things that came to my mind were:

1) If you have questions, why not get help? If you were sick wouldn’t you consult with a doctor or would you try to figure out how to cure yourself? Which approach is quicker?

2) Answers to 90% of the questions are all covered correctly, in an up to date manner in my Pinterest Marketing for Business online course.


Pinterest consultant


So for $16.42 a month why wouldn’t you just take the course vs. trying to figure it out on your own, going around and around in circles?

How to Get A Free Pinterest Audit In 2017

Pinterest consultant

Regardless of what you decide to do in 2017 you have to have a plan. You are probably on other social networks promoting your products and services. If you are then choose one to master this year…and go all in. Don’t do a half ass job here and there, do one right, and you’ll have less stress. For many of you Pinterest is the one to master because it is the one that sends more buyers to websites.

Are you ready for Pinterest greatness in 2017?

If you want to get serious about Pinterest for your business email me a bona fide Pinterest consultant at and make sure the subject reads: I WANT MY PINTEREST AUDIT.

First, follow us on Pinterest

Provide me with your:

  • Pinterest username
  • website URL

and I’ll give you 3 Pinterest actionable tips. You’re thinking 3 may not be enough to move heaven and earth with your Pinterest results but the first thing I’ll tell you is if you should even be on Pinterest.

If you want a thorough audit and for my team to create a step by step plan for your business go here

Pinterest audits are a perfect way to save you time & money, and help you understand what’s NOT working and what you need to do to get more traffic and sales.


Pinterest consultant


PS Information To Help You Live A Healthier Life

You’ve probably heard that sitting all day is bad for your health like standing with bad posture is said to shorten your life. Yikes!

According to Professor Hedge (ergonomics expert) at Cornell University mixing up your daily schedule with both sitting and standing — shaking things up every half hour — is the healthiest way to work. He recommends that for every 20 minutes you sit, stand for eight minutes, then move around and stretch for two minutes.

Breaks are also scientifically-proven to boost focus and productivity. Heck, if that’s the case we all better take more breaks!




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