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Pinterest consultant discusses how a Robovy’s Pinterest Scheduling Tool Can Save You Time & Improve Your Pinterest Effectiveness

If you’ve been on Pinterest for a while you know you can easily go on a pinning frenzy and before you know it you have lost track of time and pinned too much. This is not good for business or your time management. A scheduling tool saves you time and remember that time equals money.

It’s easy to get hooked on Pinterest – there are even jokes about it!

Pinterest Consultant

As a Pinterest Account Manager for a business or for your personal page you want to make sure that you’re being smart about how you’re managing your time so using a Pinterest scheduling tool is mandatory in my eyes.

Here’s why a using Pinterest scheduling tool is a business best practice:

1) You want to make sure that you’re sharing your pins when your target audience is most likely on Pinterest. For example, if your audience happens to be on Pinterest in the evenings are you actually going to be pinning during your dinner time or before your bed time? Probably not. That’s just not smart and you’ll feel like you’re working all the time and pretty soon you’re going to get burnt out. Being glued to your computer all day & night is simply not a best practice. You need a scheduling tool.

 There’s a saying that “timing is everything” and that applies on Pinterest as well. You may have the greatest images but if you’re not pinning at the time when your audience is engaged on Pinterest you’re not going to get those repins or build your followers like you wanted.

2) You don’t want to overwhelm pinners with your images, clogging up their smart feed because that will just annoy your followers and as a result you’ll end up losing the very followers you were hoping to gain.

3) Spreading your pinning activity over a longer time frame will get you a better chance of someone repinning your images versus dumping all your images in one sitting.

Since I started managing Pinterest accounts for others I’ve used the following scheduling tools:

  1. ViralTag
  2. Tailwind
  3. ViralWoot
  4. GoPixel

And sadly others too who are no longer in business.

Some of the tools I mentioned above require too many steps and as such are a time waster which is the opposite of what I think a scheduling tool should do. Some don’t even make it easy for you to see that your pins are actually published so I have to double check that which I really don’t like.

To me, a tool should be user friendly, easy to use and affordable! Guess what? I finally found one that meets all my requirements and I’m pumped about sharing it with you.

It’s called Robovy!

It out-competes the others I mentioned above. So if you’re shopping and comparing scheduling tools and comparing how all the features work look no further. The bottom line is Robovy is the must have Pinterest scheduling tool for 2015! I highly recommend you give a shot. They have a 14 day free trial that doesn’t require a credit card – love that!

Pinterest Consultant


Here is a step by step tutorial on how to schedule your pins with Robovy using the Google Chrome extension:

Step 1: Take the tour and upload the browser extension.

Pinterest Consultant

Step 2: Let’s assume have pins you want to schedule from your secret board. Make sure your Robovy browser is open. Click on the Robovy icon (see where red arrow is pointing).

Pinterest Consultant

Step 3: Choose the images you want to schedule by clicking click on the image.

a. If you want to schedule all your pins in the most efficient way do so by clicking “Select All”. If you’ve changed your mind and you do not wish to “Select All” then click on “Deselect All”.

b. “b” shows the number of pins you want to schedule. Look for the letter in the tip of the arrow below. “c” shows the images you selected to schedule. Look for the letter in the tip of the arrow below.

Pinterest Consultant

Step 4: Choose which boards you want each pin to go to.

a. If you want all the pins to go to one board the most efficient way to do this is to choose the board you want all the pins to go to and then click on the blue button “Bulk Update all Board”.

OR b. Choose the board you want each pin to go to if they are going to different boards.

c. If you want the same pin to go to other boards click on “Clone”. For whatever reason you decide you don’t want to pin the image it’s easier to just click “Delete” under each image instead of starting from scratch.

d. You’re most likely not going to use the green button “Repin now” but at least you have that option. When you’ve dedicated a board for all your pins then click “Schedule Repins”.

Pinterest Consultant


Step 5: Next you will see this pop up and now you will choose the date and time you want to schedule your pins.

a. Choose the date you want by clicking on the calendar date.

b. Pick the time you want to start scheduling your pins. For example, if you want to schedule your pins starting at 8 pm then scroll down until you see 8 pm and click on that time.

c. Decide how many minutes you want to between pins. For example, if you want to spread out your three pins every 60 minutes then enter 60.

Pinterest Consultant
d. Click “Schedule”.

Pinterest Consultant

e. Close the window as shown below and you’re done!

Pinterest Consultant

Additional tips:

Under “Scheduled Pins” you can see the three pins you’ve scheduled. If you think you might have made a mistake click on “EDIT” where the red arrow is pointing. If you want to “CLONE” or “DELETE” you have those options as well.

Pinterest Consultant


Step 7: If you want to change the pin description it’s no problem and it’s easy to do.

Pinterest Consultant

If you want to change your board it’s simple. Just click on “Select board” and choose the board from the drop down.

Pinterest Consultant

There you have it! You have just learned how to use the simplest, quickest and most cost effective Pinterest scheduling tool on the market today.

Here are some other features that you might love:

1. You can upload images from your computer and other sources like Facebook, Dropbox and so forth.

Pinterest Consultant


Pinterest Consultant

2. You’ll see your pins that are scheduled, completed (see below) and failed pins. Failed pins means that for whatever reason it didn’t go through and Robovy has no control over that. Sometimes for whatever reason Pinterest doesn’t allow the pin. If this happens you will get a notice from Robovy with an explanation so you can reschedule it again.

Pinterest Consultant


3. What I especially love about Robovy is that when you go back to your secret board you will see that your pin was successfully repinned. Some of the other tools don’t offer this which prevents me from having the peace of mind of knowing if it has been repinned or not.

Pinterest Consultant

4. If you don’t see your boards on the drop down menu when you’re scheduling it’s probably because you need to refresh your boards. Go to “My Account” on the top right corner and click “Refresh Board”.

5. If you want to delete pins in large quantities go to “Bulk Delete Pins”. Choose the board (where the red arrow is pointing) you want to remove your pins and then click “Get Pins”.

Pinterest Consultant

Wait for a few seconds and all your pins will show up. Next, choose the pins you wish to delete, and then click “Delete selected pins”.

Pinterest Consultant

I hope you have found this information about this wonderful new tool helpful and valuable. Using Robovy will make your Pinterest management easier and more effective than ever before. Sign up for a free trial today!

If this is overwhelming for you and you feel like you are going around and around with Pinterest and not getting anywhere contact me about my Pinterest management services or to learn more about how to become a Pinterest Account Manager.

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