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Pinterest Expert for Business: How to Jump-start Your Pinterest Marketing 

There are over 1 million businesses on Pinterest. From what I have seen in the past year, so many still don’t understand how they can use this tool to drive more traffic and sales to their website.

As I have said many times Pinterest is not a social media website and therefore, you can’t treat it like other socials such as Facebook, Twitter, and so forth.

As a Pinterest Expert…

My mission is to help businesses grow their sales. I believe that the measure of your greatness is more than your wealth; it is your ability to lift those around you. This why my motto has been “Pin with a caring heart”.

For the past three years, I’ve been giving free advice on Pinterest marketing for business through my blog posts, webinars, guest interviews and other platforms. The biggest highlight of 2015 for me was being chosen by Pinterest to be part of their exclusive 15 person Pinterest expert program. During that time, I realized that businesses big and small were always looking for new ways of learning how to use Pinterest and make it easy.

Introducing…my Pinterest Marketing Audit and Strategic Page Review

Pinterest Marketing Audit and Strategy

Designed for busy people who do not have the time to take a Pinterest Marketing course! (But still need to work like a Pinterest expert)

You will receive a detailed report including a Pinterest Strategy Guide.

I look at what you are doing, where you can improve, and tell you how to do it, including what order the steps need to be to get more:

Pinterest Marketing Audit & Strategic Page


Pinterest for Business: How to Jumpstart Your Pinterest Marketing In 2016

A key want is to do it step-by-step….

so that even a Pinterest beginner could achieve impressive results…rather than provide 500 or 5,000 things you need to do BEFORE you could actually grow your business and make some tangible profits. In other words, one of the biggest themes is to help develop a business in doable, “bite-size” steps on a time-is-money, perhaps summed up this way…


Doesn’t that sound desirable, even ideal – to you?

Being a nimble, agile online marketer is tough for any one person to do well on their own, and that’s where we come in. My team & I have built a brand new kind of service called Pinterest Marketing Audit & Strategy Guide especially for people just like you.  


Pinterest for Business: How to Jumpstart Your Pinterest Marketing In 2016


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