Pinterest Expert reveals 4 ways to avoid confusion with Google Analytics. 

Use these four metrics to track your success with Pinterest.

Google analytics provide a wealth of information.

So much, that it can be overwhelming.

There are well over 50 metrics!

In this session I will show you how to narrow that list down from 50+ metrics into four tools that are very important to me for monitoring my web results.  Make no mistake about, driving hoards of qualified target audience traffic to you website is a results business.  By viewing your google analytics custom reports you will be able to see clearly if what you are doing is; a huge success, so so, or if it sucks. Remember: before you start your Pinterest campaign establish metrics that are associated with your business goals.

I track my results regularly to see if all the work I am doing in my social media marketing efforts is paying off.

Three key metrics

1. Audience Overview details revealed include:

a. how many visits

b. how many unique visitors

c. visit duration

d. and you can play with the date range

Bottom line how many visits are you getting.  Pretty no brainer stats to me.



2. All Traffic under the Acquisition tab. Details revealed include:

a) Organic traffic

This tells you if your SEO is working – are you being fouund in organic search – this is criitically important traffic to have.

b) Referral traffic

Who is your largest referrer?

This stat is important because if I were doing all this work on Pinterest and it was not sending me a large portion of my traffic I would know to go back to the drawing board and try something different with Pinterest.

c) Direct traffic

Meaning how many clicks throughs are you getting that lead directly to your website. Like from ads, blogs, articles, videos etc.

For me that means my blog posts are being well read and people are taking a lot of action based on them.  Again I need to know this because if a very large potion of my traffic was not coming from this type of traffic I would have to change my blog strategy to improve the results.



3. Content drill down under the Behavior tab. Details revealed include:

a) Most popular content

Hello… if I am aiming to help my target audience achieve their goals and solve their problems relative to topics I work in then I need to know what their favorite messages of mine are so I can give them more.

This tool shows me the facts so I can manage by numbers and not by hope.

b) How long do they stay and read certain content

c) Total number of page views



4) Geographic location

This is important because this tells you what time zone your traffic is in so that you can plan your pinning activities during your high traffic times.

To find this stat look on the left hand side menu under the “Audience” heading, scroll down with your eyes to the “Geo” heading. Click one mouse click. Underneath two terms will appear: “Language” and “Location”. Double click on “Location”. Double click on the number one ranked location.

Based on my own analytics as shown below I need to divide my time for pinning between east and west coast time zones.


Obviously there are a lot of great metrics in analytics. And one could make a good argument as to why others might be more important.  But for me, in my business, if I can track the number of visitors, how I got them and what they like most about what I am putting out there I feel I can manage and grow my business effectively.

I hope this helps you. Let me know what your favorites are and why, I’d love to hear from you.

To find out how you can save time & have a higher performing Pinterest account email us at info@whiteglovesocialmedia.com and we’ll book you in to speak with a Pinterest consultant.

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6 Comments on Pinterest Expert Reveals 4 Ways To Avoid Confusion With Google Analytics

  1. catmario online
    June 30, 2014 at 4:52 am (5 years ago)

    This article was highlighted in a most recent email from
    analytics and drew me toward it.

    Have to agree with the points, albeit point One, is far less
    effective today than it was 9-10 months ago when google started masking
    keywords for people who have signed into google. In fact that seriously hampers
    point One, and requires a lot of sophisticated work arounds to grasp this
    critical point. Unfortunately it will continue to get worse over time.

    We definitely focus on point 5 for a critical point. The
    above referenced business and some of our others are very attached to search
    and because of that naturally google. We work all the time to review how our
    off line efforts reflect bottom line results.

    Just reviewed a business re: August results this year and
    last. Noticed a marked difference and one reflection had to do with some
    offline advertising which may or may not have contributed to a significant
    change in revenues.

    Now here is a different perspective that we had using–not
    only analytics, but our in house analysis of results and adwords along with

    The business is local and regional. We noticed “impressions”
    was way down for a critical geo portion of the market in adwords. Other
    locations were consistent.

    We checked analytics for the two comparative time periods
    …and yep not only less people thinking about the topic via adwords…but the geo
    portion of analytics told us less visits to the site.

    We had less sales that corresponding month from that target
    geo region.

    Meanwhile in the comparative month…we had run a newspaper
    campaign. Definitely insights that helped us with regard to understanding off
    line results.

    thanks for this

    catmario online

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  2. […] these 5 keys one by one and apply them.  Monitor your website traffic using Google analytics today before you apply these tips and then 30 days after you have applied all these tips […]