Pinterest for Business Is a Knock Out At Social Commerce

Pinterest for Business Is a Knock Out At Social Commerce

Pinterest announced this week that they are releasing a Shop in the next couple of weeks!

According to Pinterest, the items will be hand-picked by Pinterest themselves. This couldn’t have come at a better time since Black Friday and Christmas is just around the corner. As a matter of fact, women have been shopping for holiday gifts on Pinterest as early as September. In addition, Pinners shop more on Black Friday than the average online user, according to a study done for Pinterest by marketing researcher CivicScience. The buying mindset of Pinners are 50 percent more likely than the average online person to spend the most on Black Friday at specialty stores and local businesses.


Pinterest for Business Is a Knock Out At Social Commerce

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While Pinners are eagerly waiting for Pinterest’s Shop to open this social commerce site launched their Buyable Pins program earlier this summer and made it available on iPhones and iPads for U.S. based users only. On November 3rd they’ve started rolling it out to Android users.

If you haven’t heard about the Buyable Pins, you need to.  What you need to know is that it’s only available for U.S. based Ecommerce sites and you have to apply for it. Pinterest partnered with ecommerce platforms Shopify and Demandware to enable buyable pins for their merchants. However, don’t assume that you will get approved just because you have a Shopify account. Based on the accounts I am managing it takes several weeks to get approved and some have been rejected because of the type of products they sell. For example, these types of products and services will not have the privilege of the Buyable Pins or Promoted Pins as shown on Pinterest’s website under advertising rules:

  • adult products and services: sex toys, videos, publications, live shows, sexual enhancement products, sites that promote casual sex, international match-making or escort services.
  • alcoholic beverages of any kind.
  • tobacco products like cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or paraphernalia such as pipes, pipe cleaners or rolling papers.
  • weight loss pills, supplements, fat burners, ads that focus on weight loss or fat loss.
  • online pharmacies, clinical trial recruitment, the sale of prescription pharmaceuticals or supplements we deem unsafe or questionable, including anabolic steroids, chitosan, comfrey, dehydroepiandrosterone, ephedra, human growth hormones or melatonin.
  • firearms, ammunition, firearm accessories like high-capacity loaders and scopes, other weapons like knives or bows intended for violent use, fireworks or other explosives, instructions on how to make weapons or fireworks or any other instructions on how to harm or kill people.
  • online gambling and lotteries, or games of skill; gambling game applications or gambling websites.
  • Imitation or counterfeit goods; knockoffs, brand-name replicas or goods wrongfully advertised as authentic brand-name.
  • Products from endangered or threatened species.
  • products that promote fake identification, passports or other official documents.
  • anything that facilitates or promotes illegal activity.
  • links to software that results in a misleading user experience, or products that promote. instructions or equipment to illegally access or tamper with software, servers, cell phones or websites.
  • anything that directs people to click on Pinterest buttons to get money, prizes or deals in exchange.
  • subscription services that don’t clearly articulate their billing practices before requiring a user to opt in or negative option billing subscription services.
  • promotes a business model or product that we deem unacceptable (like penny or bidding fee auctions and payday loans) or business models that don’t clearly explain their billing policy or value proposition, or use deceptive tactics to charge customers.
  • Political campaigning ads; We only allow US federal and state political candidates who are running for public office, political parties, and political committees that are advocating for the election or defeat of a US federal or state candidate for public office to promote content on Pinterest.

Pinterest's buy button no match for Facebook or Twitter

Pinterest was not the first to launch the buy buttons. Facebook started testing them in July 2014 and Twitter in September 2014. However, what makes Pinterest a winner over the other two giants is that Pinners have a buying mindset while fans of Facebook and Twitter do not. Pinterest is not a social media network and unfortunately, I continue to see many businesses manage their accounts as if it were.

Pinterest for Business Is a Knock Out At Social Commerce

One thing businesses have to understand is that Pinterest is a place where users go with their wish lists and once there they save aspirational content to help them architect a better life, a better way to doing things. That is the natural behavior on Pinterest while Facebook and Twitter are more about having conversations with your friends and followers. This is why brands and businesses are having huge success selling their products because it’s natural to sell stuff on Pinterest while this may not be the case on other social platforms.

The “Buy It” button is the most popular feature that Pinners have requested…what does that tell you? Users want Pinterest to facilitate the ease of shopping without having to leave Pinterest. Bottom line; Pinterest wants to make your buying (and selling) experience seamless and the Buyable Pins helps to facilitate that.

One of the biggest ecommerce giants gets that! According to Brad Matthews, Senior Director of Social Commerce & CRM at eBay “[Users] are coming to Pinterest because they’re searching for inspiration, and they’re searching for inspiration that often times results in a shopping journey, so the intent to purchase is very high”. He claims that Pinterest was the fastest-growing channel for eBay in terms of driving traffic and sales. One of their most successful Promoted pins called 8 Ways To Fill Your Home With Positive Energy has propelled to 70,000 re-pins and more than 300,000 clicks back to eBay.

Pinterest for Business Is a Knock Out At Social Commerce

So if you’ve been lollygagging about the idea of launching your business on Pinterest you are seriously falling behind and worse very likely losing easy sales to your competition.

If this is overwhelming for you and you feel like you are going around and around with Pinterest and not getting anywhere contact me, a Pinterest account management expert about my Pinterest account management services or to learn more about how you can be more effective on Pinterest check out my Pinterest Marketing Course for Business. Chapter one is FREE.


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