Introducing you to the one stop most up to date and comprehensive list of new Pinterest features that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.  Courtesy of Anna from White Glove Social Media Marketing!

I’ve been one of the lucky ones to test the new version of Pinterest since January of this year. As of March 18th the new look is now final and Pinterest has begun to roll out the new version to it’s 48 million+ users.

When Pinterest rolled out the beta test version in January, it said that the new redesign would make the website faster and improve the navigation to make it more intuitive for users. The result is a more enjoyable user experience that keeps the user engaged (if you think times flies while you are on there now…you better get yourself an alarm clock) and it also makes it easier to find new and relative content.

I’ve been keeping tabs of the new changes since they’ve been testing so let me tell you what I’ve discovered and how it may or may not help you.


 Photo 1a: Old version of Pinterest Home page

Photo 1b: New version of Pinterest Home Page

  • the “Activity” from the “Profile” page feature is gone which is not a big deal. If you click on the Pinterest logo in the new version this provides you with the same result as the old Activity feature. (photo not included)
  • in the new version the boards have a different look featuring more white space around the borders.


Photo 2a: Old version of Pinterest Board

Photo 2b: New Version of Pinterest Board

  • in the old version the image size was 600 pixels wide; in the new version it’s 735 pixels wide
  • in the old version the number of pins (photo 2a) was previously shown under the board title; it is no longer showing in the new version.
  • in the old version the “EDIT BOARD” (photo 2a) has been deleted and is replaced with the “UNFOLLOW BOARD” (photo 2b).
  • in the old version when you hover over the pin there are buttons called “REPIN”, “EDIT”, “COMMENT”, and “SET COVER BOARD”. Pinterest has eliminated all these buttons and replaced them with a red “PIN IT” button, and a “LIKE” button”.
  • the “COMMENT” section is now on the bottom of the pin. Refer to photo 4a below. You can no longer leave comments on the Pinterest home page or on the “Edit Board” page.
  • the board name and descriptions are clearly larger in font size in the new version.


Photo 3a: Old version of Pinterest Categories & Three Drop Down Menu

Photo 3b: New version of Pinterest Profile Page

  • In the old version you had two options on where to start a new board. In the new version (image 3b) they have moved it to the first row and column on the grid layout.
  • your Pinterest profile description is now limited to 160 characters instead of 200 characters.
  • editing your Pinterest profile information (photo 3b red arrow) is more convenient; with just one click you can edit.  You no longer have to go to the settings tab.


Photo: 3c New version of Pinterest Categories

  • in the old version there were three (photo 3a) drop down menus located on the top right corner. In the new version they have been replaced with one (photo 3b) drop down menu in the same location to make it more efficient.
  • In the new version you will not see (photo 3a) “INVITE FRIENDS”. What this means is that you can no longer invite friends via your gmail, yahoo, or Facebook account which is a thumbs down for me:(
  • the (3a) Pinterest “Categories” section in the old version has been eliminated and replaced with a (3c) drop down symbol on the left side of the page beside the search button.To be continued…see “Pinterest Unveils It’s New Look In Time For Spring (Part 2)”
Photo: 3d New version of Pinterest Categories
  • In the new version you can continue to “FIND FRIENDS” (3d) from your Facebook & Twitter account if they have a Pinterest account. Their picture is much larger and includes a preview of their pins – it looks just like the boards.

Go here for Part 2

Did you get a chance to try the new design? What do you think about it? Comment below.

 Thank you!

5 Comments on Pinterest Social Media Marketing Unveils It’s New Look In Time For Spring! (Part 1)

  1. Leslie Jeansonne
    March 23, 2013 at 2:29 pm (6 years ago)

    I upgraded to the new Pinterest, but several of the features are not showing up. I can’t update my profile, nor does the Help center open. Any suggestions?

    Your blog was great. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. admin
    March 24, 2013 at 3:16 am (6 years ago)

    Thanks so much for reading my blog! I created a 3 part series on the new version of Pinterest and this link show’s an image of where you can edit your settings – take a look at photo #3b and shows the red arrow to edit your profile.

    Answer to your question:
    Editing your profile information (photo 3b yellow arrow) is more convenient; with just one click you can edit. Feel free to post as many questions as you have. Nice to meet you Leslie:)

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