How To Protect Your Privacy On Pinterest: Social media Marketing is a science.

Like it or not there are literally hundreds of companies in the Silicon Valley that track your online habits.



Pinterest is one of them and they’re tracking those who are not even Pinterest users but they’re using it for a different reason and here’s why:

According to Pinterest spokesperson Malorie Lucich “That’s because Pinterest wants to provide a good experience for new users the first time they visit. One of our hopes is that, when people join Pinterest, we’ll be able to suggest better content to them, so they get a good new-user experience (and see stuff that interests them)”.

Currently Pinterest gathers profiles of people who visit sites that contain Pinterest’s “Pin It” button. Why? According to Lucich “We think the websites you visit are a good indicator of your interests (and Pinterest is all about your interests). So when people visit sites with the “Pin It” button (or other Pinterest widgets), we use that information to recommend better boards to follow.”

You know those emails you receive from Pinterest with the headlines “Your Pinterest Weekly Email: 6 Recommended Boards”? My guess is that those are related to your online activities that they tracked. Here’s what I mean – see photo below.





So how does Pinterest use data about other websites you visit? Go here for more information

Well guess what? On July 26th Pinterest announced new changes set to roll out in the coming weeks. Pinterest is updating its privacy policy by implementing DNT “Do Not Track”

If you don’t want Pinterest using stuff you do off-Pinterest to be used to tailor your experience you can do two things:

a) Go to your account settings and switch the slider to “No” under Personalization.


b) You can also change your browser’s “Do Not Track” feature to keep Pinterest and other sites from using this info. For all the details, including how to turn on Do Not Track, visit

Non -profit privacy groups praised Pinterest’s decision to allow people to avoid being tracked online.  “It’s good to see some prominent companies come forward and adopt these standards. By doing so they are saying ‘we’re going to respect people’s privacy preferences’ said Kurt Opsahl, senior staff Lawyer at Electronic Frontier Foundation. That’s putting the social back into social media marketing. Many people are worried about how private their data is online, I know someone who used a privacy analyzer tool and it really helped them out!

According to Joseph Lorenzo Hall, a senior staff technologist at Center for Democracy & Technology he stated that it is important for more companies to follow suit and provide people with the ability to avoid being tracked across the web. Including Twitter, Pinterest is now another major site that has decided to listen to desires of users and offer them this choice.

What are your thoughts on the privacy issue? Will you allow Pinterest to track your internet activity in order to serve you or not?

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