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NOTE: This blog post is no longer relevant since Pinterest has made several changes to their platform. Click here for the most current information and video tutorial on how to easily navigate Pinterest.

How To Use Pinterest’s New Look

As a Pinterest consultant for businesses it’s my job to make sure that I keep up with all the latest changes. Some matter more than others. Let’s review the latest changes:

1) Pinterest created a new drop down “+” to make it obvious for Pinterest users to upload a pin.

However, the other two items are what stand out for me the most. When you click the “Add a pin from a website” you have to type the URL of the website you want to search.

Two things will show up:

a. A few images will show up from the website you just searched for. The first group of images have not been pinned yet. (See Photo 2 below- 1st arrow)

b. Below the cluster of images that have not been pinned yet are all the ones that have been pinned from the website you searched for. (See Photo 2 below – 2nd arrow)

I love this feature! It’s a total time saver! You don’t have to open another browser to visit a website to extract images from. You just stay within your Pinterest account and pin away

Check out the red pin button (refer to Photo circled in red above) which indicates that this image is pinnable. Just click that red pin button and you’re ready to edit your pin.

2) Report Pinner

Pinterest has moved this icon for the second time now and I’m glad they’ve made this obvious. Because trust me when I tell you that you will come across pornographic images on Pinterest!

The last time they positioned this grey flag was when you had to click on the photo then hover over the bottom of the image and only then would the flag show up. When you’re viewing a Pinterest users page you will see the grey flag symbol in the “About” description box as shown below where I’ve circled it in red

3) The “Recent Activity” feature was previously on the left side of the Pinterest feed.  They have changed that name to “Notifications” and this feature is now beside the drop down menu where the red arrow is pointing in the image below.

What I like about this is that all this activity is shown on my Pinterest home page which makes more sense because it’s contained in one area versus having to go to another page to view who’s been repinning your images, who’s following what boards and so forth. In addition, a number shows up where the red arrow is pointing indicating the number of new activities since you last checked it. If you’re on Pinterest for several hours like I am you can really see how people are responding to your pins in real time!

4) There is a ton of information out there telling us that the longer the pins are the better…well not anymore!

5) The grey pencil symbol in the red circle below indicates that you can edit your pin here.

6) The number of pins showing on the Board Cover (see Photo 7 below with the red circle).

7) I’ve been waiting for this so I’m happy about this new feature because it’s a total time saver! Now when pinned something before you will get this message (see below Photo 8) alerting you that you’ve already pinned this. However you can still pin the image if you’d like! Cool huh?

8) As of June 4/2013: You can now search for your own pins. This makes it easier to rediscover stuff you’ve pinned – refer to Photo 9 below. Read the full article

I’ve been tracking all the changes that Pinterest has been making in the new version. I’m positive that they’ll keep tweaking it for a while so make sure you visit this specific blog post for the most recent and up to-date changes. Social media marketing effectiveness requires a lot of work to keep up with the changes and the new rules.

9) It’s July 10th and here’s a couple of changes I saw recently that I want to share with you.

The “LIKE” button is now replaced with the heart shaped icon shown below.

The “SEND” is now replaced with the arrow symbol shown around the red circle below. When you click the arrow symbol, the “send pin to” and “type a name to search” opens up.

Where the red arrow is pointing indicates the message icon as shown below.

When you click on the “message icon”, a box will open up for you to edit your message as shown below where the red arrow in pointing.

Here’s a reference of all the changes made in the NEW VERSION from the very beginning:

1) April 25, 2013 UPDATE: Improvements to the PINTEREST NEW LOOK

2) March 24th, 2013 go to this link to learn how to use PINTEREST NEW VERSION




If you find all the changes and keeping up with effective social media marketing in general a hassle please contact my office and let’s talk about outsourcing the management of your Pinterest page to me. We can manage your Pinterest page for your business.  We’ll establish your goals for Pinterest and I’ll work in harmony with your business strategy and deliver measurable sales results with effective social media marketing strategies.

Outsourcing this activity frees up valuable time for you and the chances are good I’ll do a better job at it anyways because I am in Pinterest full time whereas you are in it part time. Call me at 778.558.9412  to discuss.

social media marketing Thank you!

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