TOP 7 HOT Pinterest Tips To Increase Your Followers

Its summer time in North America so it’s time to give your Pinterest boards a tune-up! With summer vacations coming there will be tons of traffic on Pinterest.  Here are 7 HOT social media marketing tips to capture more of that traffic.

1. Review  The About Section

An often-neglected aspect of corporate social media profiles are the text descriptions or “About” sections. When was the last time you updated the written copy there? If it’s looking a little out of date or stale, give it an update that more closely aligns with your latest marketing or customer service messaging. Good social media marketing requires that you use specific keywords that will ramp up your SEO.

2. Update Profile Picture

When was the last time you updated your profile picture? Challenge your graphic designer to put a bright, fresh face on your brand for the summer months. And please make sure it’s clear – fuzzy images will not make a good first impression.

3. Reshuffle Your Pinterest Boards

Your first couple rows should clearly represent the current season or trending topics. Hey it’s summer so if you still have fall and winter fashion items on top of your grid layout then you will decrease your chances of being followed. Why? The message you’re sending out is “I don’t care if I am out of date/season and it doesn’t matter”. For effective social media marketing…it matters.

For example I have moved my golf & tennis, beach, travel, and gardening theme to the first row (see images below) in keeping with the season and activities that reflect summer. Examples of other activities to move to the first row would be Canada Day and July 4th.



4. Change Your Pinterest Cover Board

Try your best to use your most popular pins as your cover board to attract more followers. Then take it even further by keeping colors in the same theme.


5. Rename Your Pinterest Boards

Be specific with your board names because you will help more people find the image they want which leads to click throughs and drives more traffic to your site.

For example you might have a board called “Cool Beverages”. We know that that is associated with the “Food & Drink” category so you want to add the word “drink” to your boards to increase your SEO. I would recommend that you change your board name from “Cool Beverages” to “Summer Drinks” because the word “summer” reflects the current season.



5. Add a new board to reflect the summer season

If you haven’t added any new boards for “a while” then I strongly suggest you add a new board that reflects the summer holiday. What are your favorite activities for summer? Maybe you’re thinking about adding a new sport to your list of activities so go ahead and create a board.


6. Repin old images

I can guarantee you that some of your images have never been repinned. It doesn’t necessarily mean that no one liked them or found them useful. It could just be because of timing. Naturally you’re not going to repin Valentine images for the most obvious reasons. Here’s a secret: Sunday is your best day to pin unless it’s a holiday long weekend. Trust me on this one!  Social media marketing 101. 🙂

If you’re not around Sundays to pin your images you should consider purchasing a service such as Pinagraphy that allow you to schedule your pins in advance.

When and if you decide to repin an old image make sure you delete the original pin because you don’t want to have the same pin on your board twice – no point clogging your boards with the same images. And please make sure to add at least one sentence in the description with specific keywords to ramp up your SEO. Whatever you do don’t leave it blank! Research shows that pins with descriptions have a higher chance of getting repins especially if you use these words:

  • use
  • look
  • want
  • need

Full article:

I also want you to check out this link that shows you the type of images that gets the most repins!

7. Create a Pinterest Community Board


Pinterest has a strong community presence. By inviting other pinners to your boards you are going to increase your chances of being seen. When someone accepts your invitation to pin to your board they will have your board featured on their Pinterest page – giving you the ultimate exposure. In addition, those who accepted your board invitation can also invite others to contribute to your board which increases your number of followers!

What I also love about community boards is that you get real time insight into what your followers’ love, which helps you choose what types of image to pin more often.

If you simply don’t have the time to manage a successful Pinterest account email me at  or call me at 778.558.9412 and let’s talk about outsourcing the management of your Pinterest account to me a full time Pinterest consultant and specialist. Together we’ll establish your goals for Pinterest / effective social media marketing and I’ll work in harmony with your business strategy.


What else would you add to this? Comment below.

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