Vancouver Pinterest consultant and social media marketing expert Anna Cadiz Bennett with White Glove Social media says…

“Selecting the correct keywords and applying proper SEO tactics are critical for getting the high organic search rankings necessary for driving large volumes of traffic to your website.”

Prospective customer will find you in their searches online by typing in keywords into their search bars.  You want your Pinterest page and or web page to come up on the first page of the search results.

That is what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about.

Using specific keywords is critical for successful social media marketing and will increase your chances of being found and followed on Pinterest too.

There are 5 areas on a Pinterest page to apply such keywords and tactics. The 5 areas are:

1) Username

  • The username that you choose has to include more than just your business name because most people will not search for you on Pinterest by your business or company name. Your username also has to include carefully selected keywords.
  • For example if your business name is “ROUGE” and you sell makeup I would suggest you add the word  “makeup” to your username…so it would look like this
  • You may use up to 15 characters

2) Profile Name

  • For your name to show up visibly you may use up to 37 characters.

  • Use keyword conscious name to increase your Pinterest SEO. For example if you’re a spa and your company name is Breathe I recommend that you use as your username.

3) About Description

  • Take advantage of this space which you have up to 160 characters.

  • Describe what makes your company special & why they should follow you.

  • Use keywords in each sentence to increase your Pinterest SEO.

4) Board Title Name

  • Up to 28 characters will visibly show the title.

  • Use keywords that your audience will resonate with; make it obvious. For example if you’re a beauty store and you specialize in lip glosses you can create boards to separate the different lip gloss categories “Lip Plumping Gloss”, “Lip Shiner Gloss” “Best Seller Lip Gloss” and so forth.

5) Board Description

  • You have up to 500 characters to use. So select several keywords carefully and use them throughout your board to increase your Pinterest SEO. This is an essential factor in succesful social media marketing.

  • According to social media marketing scientist Dan Zarrella a description with about 200 characters gets the most repins.

Did you find this helpful? Would you add anything to this? Comment below.

social media marketing tips Thank you!

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