The Ultimate Pinterest Social Media Marketing Checklist You Shouldn’t Live Without

I created this Pinterest Checklist to make sure you don’t miss a step! Follow these steps in order:

1. Set-up Your Pinterest Account

  • Pinterest Home Page

    • Profile Picture

      • professional head shot or logo

    • Profile Name

    • About Description

  • Confirm Pinterest Email Verification

2. Create Pinterest Boards

  • Go to “Create A Board”

    • Create Board Title Name

    • Complete Board Description

      • catchy titles & keywords that resonates with your target audience

      • make name searchable

    • Choose Category

    • Choose “Secret or not”

  • Arrange boards around a theme or colors on the grid layout

  • Create 5 boards with 5 images each

    • Set Board Cover Image

  • Create a few boards that cover a broad range of interests

3. Adding Pins

  • Repin images

    • Pin from various sources rather than one specific site

    • Repin images with the most number of repins

    • Pins that go viral are visually startling, unique, funny, or helpful

    • Go “Popular” category and add the pins with the most repins

      • Choose Board Category

      • Edit description

  • Upload your own pin

    • Go to “Add Pin”

      • Choose Board category

      • Edit Description

        • Choose specific keywords that could show up in search

        • Combine with call to action

        • Add price if applicable

        • Image size shouldn’t be longer than 1500 pixels & keep it to maximum of 735 pixels wide

  • Be social and do the following

    • “Like” a pin

    • “Comment” on a pin

    • “Tweet” a pin

    • “Share” on Facebook

4. Boost Pinterest Traffic

  • Invite friends via email

  • Go to “Find Friends”

    • Follow friends from Facebook & Twitter

  • Follow Pinterest user

  • Follow Individual boards

    • Choose boards with the most followers

  • Share favorite images

    • With Facebook friends & fans

    • Tweet it

  • Promote more of your popular pins

  • Which boards people are following? pin more on those boards

  • Reward your best followers

  • Track which days brings you most followers & repins

  • Best time to pin: 11am-1pm & 5pm-11pm

  • Pin minimum 2 images/day

  • Invite others to contribute to your boards

    • Invite Pinterest users in alphabetically order

    • Invite by adding email address

  • Follow minimum one board who repinned your pin

    • Thank Pinterest user on “comment” box for repinning on the image they repinned

  • Follow back those who followed you

5) Freshen up your Pinterest page

  • Place boards that reflect the season or holiday on the first row

  • Freshen up Board Cover Image

    • Boards should be color coordinated


Are you a business owner? Make sure to look out for the business version!

Do you find this checklist helpful? What would you add to this list?

 Thank you!

3 Comments on The Ultimate Pinterest Social Media Marketing Checklist You Shouldn’t Live Without

  1. Stephan
    May 12, 2013 at 11:27 am (6 years ago)

    Do you have any qualifications or experience in
    posting coz I really love the way you create 🙂

  2. admin
    May 13, 2013 at 7:34 pm (6 years ago)

    Thank you Stephan. Let me know what you need help with.

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