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Vancouver Pinterest Consultant reveals The BIG 5 Reasons Why Pinners Don’t Accept Your Group Boards Invitations

We know that joining group boards have many advantages.

  • increased exposure & visibility
  • it brings people together creating a sense of community
  • you have others contributing content which saves you time and energy
  • you elevate the Pinners to the role of brand ambassadors
  • gives you insight into what your target audience want & need by analyzing which images followers engage with the most
  • helps you determine future content marketing and product development

So you’ve joined some group boards and you’ve decided to create your own. Great! Unfortunately you’ve noticed that many Pinners have not been accepting your group board invitations. 🙁

Let me see if I can help.

Based on me experience as someone who manages accounts full-time here are at least 5 big reasons why Pinners don’t want to join your group boards.

REASON #1. Your group board is too broad

Vancouver Pinterest consultant


Look closely at this group board as show above. This is an example of what I mean by it’s too broad. First, style and beauty are two different things. Choose one or the other. Next, you have to choose a niche. A board that is too generic is kind of like trying to be everything to everybody. That is a sure way to fail in business. You have be laser focus so you stand out for the millions of bloggers and businesses on Pinterest.

Pinterest Consultant Actionable Tip: Be specific with your group board. We know that Pinners are trend seekers. So why not make the board about Summer Beauty? Or how about Fall Styles, Classic Styles, or Beach Styles. Do you see what I mean by being specific?

Next, make sure you complete the board description. You have space for 500 characters which is ample! Include the following as best you can:

  • a friendly welcome message
  • explain what pins are allowed
  • remind them there is no spamming or pinning of unrelated content
  • your email address if someone wants to added to your group board
  • set concise guidelines for appropriate content
  • add keywords to get found in the Pinterest search engine

REASON #2: You don’t have enough images.

If you only have a few images saved on your group board that’s not going to get people excited. Save at least 25 images on your board so people have an idea of your style and branding.

Put it this way if you walked into a store a you only saw a few garments hanging on a rack are you going to check it out or turn around immediately as you say “Yikes”?

Your images should be inspirational and informational. Make people say “yes…I would love to be part of this!”.

REASON #3: Your cover boards are unattractive.

Food should be beautiful and make you to say “Oh my, that looks delicious”. Does this image convey that? If you went to a deli and saw that would you actually buy it? For me personally it looks like it’s rotten or moldy. No thanks.

Vancouver Pinterest consultant

REASON #4: Your images are not inspiring 

Many Pinterest users go on Pinterest because it provides them inspiration. If your images are small, blurry, poor quality, or simply not beautiful or uninspiring people are most likely going to turn down your invitation.

When people join group boards they are going to see the images from the group boards they’ve joined on their home feed. If they see content that turns them off or is unappealing or irrelevant, those you invited will simply decline your invitation.

REASON #5: You’re not monitoring your group board for spam.

You will have several board contributors that will spam, pin unrelated content to your board, pin the same images despite the guidelines you have on your description. Some won’t even read your guidelines and go on a pinning frenzy! Because of this you need to monitor your group boards to make sure you remove the pins that don’t belong there. That’s because future board contributors will take notice that you’re not paying attention and it will turn them off. No one wants to belong to a group board where there’s simply too much spamming.

Pinterest Consultant Actionable Tip: monitor your group boards as often as possible and delete the pins that don’t belong there.

To find out how you can save time & have a higher performing Pinterest account email us at and we’ll book you in to speak to Pinterest Consultant Anna Bennett at at time that suits you.

Vancouver Pinterest consultant

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